Promontory Point Alternative would begin 1,000 feet east of the Goldstrike Casino, following a route just south of existing U.S. 93; it would cross the Reclamation warehouse area and then cross Lake Mead about 1,000 feet upstream of Hoover Dam. It would then curve to rejoin the existing U.S. 93 near the first major curve at the crest of Black Canyon near milepost 2 in Arizona.
One possible bridge type: Steel Suspension


  • Bridge length – about 2,200 feet
  • Bridge elevation – 270 feet above Lake Mead, 230 feet higher than the top of Hoover Dam
  • Bridge type – Steel truss rib-through arch, concrete cable stayed, or a steel suspension bridge
  • Highway approaches – about 2.7 miles in Nevada and 0.9 miles in Arizona
  • Estimated construction cost -*204 million

*In 2002 dollars and includes engineering and construction

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