The federal highway legislation (TEA-21) passed by Congress in May 1998 includes $41 million for the Hoover Dam Bypass Project. The funding falls under the “High Priority Projects Program” , as the Arizona projects 383 and 1814. Additional federal funding will be applied for each year under the “National Corridor and Development Program” and the “Federal Lands Highway Program.”

Where We are Today

Resuming the environmental review process is the first task of the PMT. A significant amount of the technical analysis required for an environmental impact statement (EIS) was nearly completed in 1993. Technical studies must be revised and updated to reflect any environmental or policy changes that may have occurred since the original studies were conducted. For example, the traffic studies conducted at Hoover Dam and at the approaches to the dam are outdated and must be updated for current conditions.

The four alternatives that will be considered and presented in the DEIS are No-Build, Promontory Point, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Gold Strike Canyon. For all three of the build alternatives, a new four-lane highway and bridge are proposed, meeting current highway design standards for a 60-mile-per-hour design.

The PMT is working on an aggressive schedule to complete the DEIS by Fall 1998. This document will provide a detailed analysis of each of the alternatives and will be available for public review.

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