Important Update: 6:30 PM Friday, September 15, 2006

Fallen Tower Cranes Close US 93 At Hoover Dam

On Friday afternoon, September 15, 2006, two tower cranes, located on opposite sides of the Colorado River Bridge construction, fell due to a high wind related event. One tower crane and attached cables fell onto the US 93 highway on the Nevada Approach necessitating the complete closure of US 93 in both directions at the Hoover Dam.

Traffic is being re-routed on to US 95 to State Route 163 to Laughlin on the Nevada side and on to State Route 68 at Kingman on the Arizona side until further notice.

At the time of the wind related event, the workday had ended and no injuries were reported as a result of this accident.

The tower cranes, forming dual high lines, were constructed for delivery of materials used in both foundation structures and the main arch crossing. Photographs of this delivery system can be viewed in the Construction Photo Album on this website.

A project team will assess the damage and take immediate corrective actions in order to re-open US 93 and resume construction activities on the bridge.