Project Funding

Hoover Dam Bypass Budget

TEA-21, The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, was approved with broad congressional support and was signed into law by President Clinton on June 9, 1998. It reauthorizes the Federal transportation program for another six years (1998-2003) and provides significant funding for transportation programs -- $218 billion dollars over six years -- representing a 40 percent increase in funding from the previous legislation. What does this mean for the Hoover Dam Bypass?

TEA-21 provides $41 million for the Hoover Dam Bypass Project under the "High Priority Projects Program." Arizona and Nevada have each agreed to contribute $20 million to the proposed project. In addition, the proposed project has received $31.5 million in Public Lands Highway Discretionary (PLHD) funding, $4 million in National Corridor Planning and Development (NCPD) Program funding, $23 million in USDOT appropriations, and $5 million in the 2003 Consolidated Appropriations Resolution.

Arizona and Nevada will continue to seek additional Federal funding each year through the two Federal programs mentioned above - the FLHP serving Federal lands projects, and the NCPD Program serving projects that benefit national trade corridors and interstate commerce. Both states feel this project is largely a Federal responsibility and should not compete for funding directly with other state projects.

Project Design Concepts and Estimate Refined

The completion of the concept refinement and preliminary design provides the Project Management Team (PMT) with a clearer definition of the project and a reliable cost estimate.  During the concept refinement/preliminary design phase, the design team worked to provide enhancements to the project (i.e. pedestrian plaza and sidewalk on the River Bridge) while containing the project cost.  Go to the Design Activities page for a summary of the design enhancements that were made during this phase. 

The revised project cost is $240 million including project engineering and construction.  $137.5 million of this cost has been acquired as indicated in the chart above.


Last Updated: 10/29/2010


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